Spectacular jumps and wild crashes, constant passing and the surprising early exits of the sport's biggest stars capped by a riveting final pitting old rivals against each other -- with the outcome of a new winner at the second Red Bull Crashed Ice race of the season in Finland. Luca Dallago of Austria won his first Red Bull Crashed Ice race of his career on Saturday in frozen Finland under sunny blue skies in the season's first daytime race with a controlled run down a treacherous natural ice track, emerging on top from an aggressive battle of brothers in a thrilling final. Canada's Scott Croxall took second place after his older brother Kyle as well as Luca's older brother Marco Dallago were disqualified for contact earlier in the race. Kyle Croxall had crossed the finish line first but was later dropped down to third due to the DQ, while Marco Dallago took fourth.

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