Athlete info

Virginie Schneider
Date of Birth:
59 kg
153 cm
Resides in:
Biarritz, France

Virginie Schneider started to play ice hockey and roller hockey at the age of 10 in Belgium. Roller hockey was not developed in Belgium so, at he age of 15 she started playing in France. After 11 years playing in Paris, she decided to move to the south west of France, and now plays with Bordeaux (France Champion 2017 in women 1 division).

Virginie discovered Ice Cross Downhill in 2011 on TV, but only tried out for it in December 2016 in Austria.

"This sport is amazing! I love the mix of sensations it provides! Excitement and fear when I see the track, and joy when I go down the track (ok...fear too)."

Virginie lives in the south west of France, where whe works as a physiotherapist. She organises her time to go each day to the beach for a walk with her dog : Sparrow. She also loves to surf and walk on the ocean front when it's raining.