Athlete info

Paavo Klintrup
Date of Birth:
175 cm
Resides in:
Oulu, Finland

Born and raised in Oulu, Finland, Paavo Klintrup started competing in ice cross downhill in Helsinki back in 2007. Featuring a combination of his two favourite hobbies – skating and downhill skiing – the sport immediately got Paavo's attention. The police officer can rely on his physical fitness, which is a basic requirement of all ice cross downhill athletes, but stamina and outstanding skating skills alone don't guarantee success in Red Bull Crashed Ice. Paavo's tactics and strategy got him on the third step of the podium in Valkenburg in 2012 and since his debut in ice cross downhill, Paavo has performed well at most races. The Oulu downhill skater knows that a good balance on skates is crucial to succeed in ice cross downhill.

"Over the years I have seen how the sport has developed and I can't wait to see how big this will end up. This sport has still a lot to give for me! See you by the track!".