Athlete info

Luca Dallago
Date of Birth:
173 cm
Resides in:
Weinitzen, Austria

With a strong background in hockey and skiing, Luca thought at the end of his youth hockey days: "Crashed Ice might just be the next great thing for me". And it turned out to be true. He first appeared on the RBCI tour in December of 2012 for the race in Niagara Falls and has been a fixture in the sport ever since.

After a lacklustre season in 2017, he decided it was time to start the transition from purely focusing on his own performance, to figuring out what it takes to prepare upcoming athletes for the sport he loves most. With that goal in mind, he currently works on his bachelor degree in training and sport at the university of applied sciences in Wiener Neustadt (AUT). Aside from collecting knowledge from teachers and books he tries to improve the wooden track concept for training on inline skates too, because he thinks it's essential for teaching the proper technique for the obstacles in ice cross downhill.