Athlete info

Kevin Sciboz
Date of Birth:
Resides in:
Farvagny, Switzerland

Kevin was born in Fribourg in 1991. He grew up in Farvagny, Switzerland, where he still lives. After studying in carpentry and project management, he joined the family business for a while and now works in an architect firm as a project manager.

Always interested in sports, he practiced football, basketball, swimming, ski and running before trying ice hockey at 13. He still plays hockey now, where speed and power are his greatest assets on the ice.

He made his debut in Ice Cross Downhill at Wagrain in 2016, at 25. For this fan of speed and extreme sports, this new sport summoned all the conditions he needed to thrive.

Kevin is a calm person, a hard working guy who never gives up before reaching his goals. Always smiling, he is opened to others.