Athlete info

Jacqueline Legere
Date of Birth:
57 kg
Resides in:
Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada

Jacqueline Legere has been competing at Red Bull Crashed Ice for six years, and was world champion in 2015/16 and 2016/17. Having first seen the sport on TV, the 26-year-old Canadian was instantly drawn in and knew it was something she had to try. A quick glance at her other sporting passions and it's no surprise that the action, intensity and exhilaration of ice cross downhill proved attractive. Not only does Jacqueline enjoy taking part in motocross, mountain biking, wakeboarding, skydiving and soccer (to name just a few), she also earns a living as a professional stunt performer for film and television. Her favourite athletes are Jolene Vanvugt and Lyndsay Pastrana, who are two of the top female extreme athletes and perform in the Nitro Circus.