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TJ Aubrecht

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Tj Aubrecht began competing in Ice Cross Downhill when a good friend put his name into the Red Bull Crashed Ice qualifier lottery in 2013. He was lucky enough to be selected and made it into the St. Paul Main Event. Even though he didn't perform as well as he had hoped, he was immediately hooked on the sport. He has been competing ever since and 2015/16 was his first full season on the international tour. Finishing 53rd overall in the World Championship and sitting 57th in the world rankings, Tj knows things are only going to get better in 2017/18. His background is in hockey, skiing, snowboarding, and rollerblading which has provided him with the right set of skills to make it down the tough tracks in one piece. He also enjoys golf, being outside as much as possible, and playing with his 3 yr old Husky, Boris.

"Without the help of my sponsors, none of this would be possible so a big thank you to: Andover, Grinds Coffee Pouches, Volt Athletics, Nutrishop Maple Grove, Tydan Performance Blades, AmTech Ingredients, CA Gear, Simpliphyed, and 3rd Grain."