Salla Kyhälä


Salla Kyhala in Edmonton

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Salla Kyhälä has a strong skating background, having played ringette from a young age. It is something she calls her "other passion". Salla has been competing in Red Bull Crashed Ice since 2010, winning the 2011, 2014 and 2015 championships. It was the speed and the challenge that attracted her to the sport, and what a success story it has been. "The feeling being up on the starting point, hearing the people cheer and then the 5-second warning," she says, "that is the time when you have to be focused and deal with your nerves." Clearly, Salla has been dealing with the nerves well over the years, and in 2016/17 she'll be hoping to get her hands on the first ever Red Bull Crashed Ice Women's World Championship.