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Richie 'JoJo' Velasquez


Richie 'JoJo' Velasquez

Richie Johanny Velasquez was born and raised at Woodward Camp, a place where some of the best action sports athletes in the world go to train. His parents work at the camp, and ever since he could walk they had him on rollerblades. His dad was an elite rollerblader and competed in events like X-games and gravity games, and Richie grew up wanting to be world champion like him. At age 10 he received a junior pro skate that was named after him, and the same year was also introduced to hockey, which became his life passion.

He says he got into Ice Cross Downhill after seeing how awesome it was on social media, and his parents connected him with some Red Bull athletes so he could give it a try.

"I thought it was a perfect transition coming from a rollerblading and ice hockey background. I am so excited to see where this sport takes me!"