Miika Miettinen


Miika Miettinen was born and raised at Suomussalmi and now lives at Kirkenes, northern Norway, next to the Barents sea. He has been playing hockey since around 8 years old, and developed an interest in ice cross downhill he when saw it on TV a few years back. His first try was at the Nordic Championships at Serena 2013, where he placed 5th. The following year he won the Finnish qualifier to the Serena Red BullCrashed Ice event. Miika has been competing full-time since 2015 and his best result is 8th at Sherbrooke in 2105.

He says he competes for fun and to enjoy the "amazing vibes" of the sport as long its lasts.

"I haven't ever tried anything better than this sport and probably won't ever try. Humor is the key to success."

Miika also likes collecting Russian Lada cars and enjoying life.