Michael Hoffmann


Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffmann took to the ice on skates for the first time at the age of six. He discovered his passion for ice cross downhill at his first race in Munich in 2010. Since then he has been an integral part of the German team.

Single-mindedly Michael took the initiative and founded the registered association "German Ice Cross Downhill" in February 2017. By founding the association the sport clearly gained importance on national level. The association pursues youth development work, sporting progress and media presentation, with the 2022 Olympic Winter Games the big aim.

As a Master of Arts in Project Management Michael is very busy in his professional life in addition to his sport. The project manager and business developer lives and works in Zurich in Switzerland where he works for a Marketing and E Commerce company.

Michael, what is you favourite pastime when you are free?
"Travelling, be it a short trip or a self-organised tour, simply enjoying a delicious dinner and the rest."

What is your greatest weakness?
"I am a perfectionist. And that can sometimes really annoy other people."

What else do you want to say?
"Many thanks to all who support me! Particularly my family and my sponsors Obertex, localsearch and evacts."