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Lorenzo Callegari


Lorenzo Callegari

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Lorenzo Callegari was born in Timmins, Ontario, and is currently in his 3rd year studying Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, ON. He began skating when he was around 3 years old, and his sporting background is primarily ice hockey and track & field. He played a variety of sports growing up, however thoroughly enjoyed the skating aspect of ice hockey, as well as improving his gate starts for the 100m in track.

He first gave Ice Cross Downhill a try in Sherbrooke in 2015, where he met many Ontario riders who welcomed him to their team (Team SPEED Ontario). He enjoys training in the weight room, inline skating outdoors and at indoor bike parks such as Joyride 150, along with other activities such as snowboarding and using his snow skates. He believes that his experiences in skating and track & field assists him in the sport of Ice Cross Downhill, and says, "one of my favourite parts of both the 100m and Ice Cross Downhill are the gate starts, just being able to stand in the gates and soak everything in, followed by the thrill of going fast."