Camilo Gaez


Camilo Gaez was born in 1979 in Kotka, Finland. Both of his parents come from Chile, but he has lived in Finland for most of his life. In the year 2000 he decided to move to Chile for two years, and while living in #LaSerena, decided to built a small team with friends in order to play in-line Hockey, a sport that, at the time, wasn't a very well known or a well spread sport in Chile. At first, they played during nights on a parking lot of a mall, but eventually established an official team. They progressed and went on to winning national championships.

In 2002, Camilo was given the honor to represent Chile's #nationalteam. He played for Chile in Equador, Argentina and even at a national championship game in held Germany.

After Germany he came back to Finland to visit his family, but stayed and became a proud father of three sons.

In 2013 a friend signed him up to a Red Bull Crashed Ice competition in Finland. He nervously participated, and to his surprise didn't do too bad - 63rd out of 150 Finnish participants. Unfortunately only 62 were to continue the competition in the next rounds, so for that year, he was just a 'tourist'.