Extra Riders Cup Stop Added to Calendar

Riders Cup
Crans-Montana in Switzerland will host the event on January 12-13

The Ice Cross Downhill World Championship will now feature ten stages in its 2017/18 season, following the announcement of an additional Riders Cup stop in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. There will now be six Riders Cup races and four Red Bull Crashed Ice stops in the 18th season of the world's fastest sport on skates.

The event in Crans-Montana will take place on January 12-13, just one week before Red Bull Crashed Ice kicks off in Saint Paul, USA, and athletes will be looking to earn some crucial championship points before heading to Minnesota.

The world's first permanent track has been constructed in the Crans-Montana resort in Switzerland.

The new addition to the calendar will feature an 80m track and 120m on the flat ice, making a combined racing distance of 200m. It is the first permanent track in the world, and the man behind it all is Swiss athlete and former Ice Cross Downhill World Champion, Derek Wedge. Wedge is an ambassador of the Crans-Montana resort, as well as being president of the Swiss Ice Cross Downhiill association, and he is excited to bring the sport back to Switzerland:

"The last race in Switzerland was in Lausanne in 2013," says Wedge, "and I know that a lot of people are waiting for another race. Crans-Montana is a great resort which organizes a lot of international events, like Half pipe world championship and the women's ski world cup. We are proud to organize a Riders Cup this year and hope to organize a RBCI next year, on a longer track of course."

Before that though, the new season kicks-off this weekend on December 16 as Wagrain-Kleinarl in Austria hosts the season opener for the third year in a row.

Ice Cross Downhill Word Championship 2017/18 Calendar:
16. December 2017: Riders Cup, Wagrain-Kleinarl, Austria
12./13. January 2018: Riders Cup, Crans Montana, Switzerland
19./20. January 2018: Red Bull Crashed Ice, Saint Paul, USA
27. January 2018: Riders Cup, St Petersburg, Russia
03. February 2018: Red Bull Crashed Ice, Jyväskylä, Finland
10. February 2018: Riders Cup, Saariselka, Finland
16./17. February 2018: Red Bull Crashed Ice, Marseille, France
24. February 2018: Riders Cup, Minnesota, USA
03. March 2018: Riders Cup, La Sarre, Canada
9./10. March 2018: Red Bull Crashed Ice, Edmonton, Canada

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